Upload Music to Playuganda

Uploading music to playuganda is totally free, all you need is an internet connection and the requirements below.


  1. Mp3/Mp4 music file
  2. Cover photo for your song
  3. Lyrics (optional)

How to Upload songs to my account on playuganda.com

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How to upload a song on playuganda

*Download video by clicking on the three dots*

  • Login to your account.
  • On the user account, click Upload.
  • Scroll down to a green button {or choose files to upload} and click on it.
  • Browse your device for the song you want to upload and select it.
  • Now, add song poster by clicking in the gray space below.
  • Under song title and artist, edit the title as you want it to display for your fans.
  • Leave the stream link as it is
  • Select genre from the list
  • Skip duration and release date.
  • Enter tags or skip for the next option
  • Add Artist name, in case they are many, separate there names by a comma ,
  • Add lyrics or skip to the next option.
  • Allow download will make it possible for your fans to download your song, click on the box to allow it downloading.
  • Skip the private option since it will prevent other people from viewing your song.
  • Confirm your entry and click submit to upload the song.
  • At this moment your song will wait for approval from our team. Avoid uploading it again.

To start uploading music, you can use our self upload process by registering for an account here>> or

You can send the required files to email ‘[email protected]’ and our team will upload all your songs for you.